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Established in 1973, South China Institute Of Environmental Sciences ("SCIES") is a non-profit scientific research institution directly under the Ministry of Environment Protection with the mission of specializing in comprehensive scientific research on the environment.

SCIES has a staff of 228, 196 of whom are scientific professionals and form a strong team with 25 researchers, 58 senior engineers, 41 Doctors, 94 Masters and 6 experts granted with governmental special allowance. Our team comprises a diverse mix of more than 40 multidisciplinary professionals in the fields including environment science, environment engineering, chemical, atmosphere physics, meteorology, geology, computer, instrument and mechanics, with substantial academic and scientific research strength. 


As a national environmental research institute developed in South China, we should know well about our responsibilities and advantages. Our research concentrated on programs which are timely and highly relevant to the national and local environmental protection issues. Our programs reflect the integration of environmental science with environmental management and pollution control. We focus on the environmental issues of tropical and subtropical regions and economically developed regions such as special economic zones, coastal developing zones, metropolis and megalopolis, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, water environmental simulation of complicated waters such as estuaries, bays and tidal river network, sustainable development of regions and watersheds, and development and innovation of varied pollution control technologies. In recent years, we have attached more attention to the areas of environmental strategies, environmental plan, urban environmental issues, near-shore marine environmental issues, ecological restoration of polluted waters, water pollution control, air pollution control, environment & health, environmental trace pollutants, contaminated soil remediation, solid waste disposal and environmental information technologies.

We also work closely with customers from all walks of life on environmental consultancy and engineering. Achievements and outcomes gained over years of scientific research have support SCIES's capability in providing trusted, quality and professional consulting services. A variety of qualification certificates granted by authorities of various sectors enable SCIES to serve in the areas of environmental impact assessment, environmental planning, environmental engineering design and consultancy, environmental protection facility operation, water and soil conservation planning, argumentation of water resource utilization, risk assessment of importing waste, environmental monitoring and analysis, environmental product quality testing, indoor air quality testing and cleaner production audit.

Based in Guangdong for national presence towards the world, we have strived hard to be a powerful research institute with solid scientific strength and extensive partnerships, and we are always ready to technically serve the governments at all levels and all industries.

South China Institute of Environmental Science (SCIES), Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP)

Add:No.7 West Street, Yuancun, Guangzhou, P. R. China