My name is Pip Nayler. I'm an aspiring Game Designer, and the one man band behind Nala Creations.

I've been passionate about games design for as long as I can remember. I created my first design document at the age of 8, which I sent to Nintendo. Their reply sits proudly on my office wall.

I believe that games are the most powerful medium with which to tell a story. The way that they allow you to experience a story first hand cannot be matched by movies or books. Equally, there is nothing more fun than a well crafted multiplayer experience.

It's my dream to work with a team of like minded people to create fun and memorable titles. But when I left college I had no idea how to make this dream a reality and so I just kind of fell in to retail.

Working for the countries largest video games retailer was an eye opening experience, and taught me a lot about market trends and the value of effective advertising. Getting to interact with reps from some of the worlds largest publishers was also a plus!

In my spare time I learnt an entry level programming language and developed mods to gain a better understanding of games development. Looking for opportunities in the gaming world also saw me write my first review for a magazine and be appointed Community Manager for a key title in a publishers line up.

As for the day job, I have spent the last three years working within the charity sector, managing busy shops for two very important charities. This has been the most gratifying work of my retail career; raising much needed funds whilst supporting my local community.

Managing a business and leading a team has taught me a lot that lends itself to product development. Whereas I used to adhere to the "when it's done" train of thought I now see the importance of commiting to a plan and working to the strengths of a team.

So, Nala Creations is my way of creating an opportunity for myself within the games industry. I'll be self publishing games and showcasing portfolio pieces on my website, and I'm already hard at work on my first commercial title.

Thanks for reading.

I'm always happy to discuss potential projects with a publisher or developer. I'm also happy to receive feedback on my work, though please understand that a lack of time may prevent me from replying.

You can email me at contact@nalacreations.com

I can also be found on LinkedIn.

I share regular tidbits on Twitter, and post to my blog any time I have something more substantial to share. I also upload exclusive screenshots to my Facebook page.
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