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Organization Structure

Committee on SCIES Affairs
Academic Committee
Technical Committee
Department of Administration & Human Resource
Department of Research Management
Department of Technical Consulting Services
Urban Environment Research Center
Near-shore Marine Environment Research Center
Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control Research Center
State Env. Protection Key Lab of Water Env. Simulation and Pollution Control
South China Branch of the State Environmental Dioxin Monitoring Center
Key Lab of Agri. & Env. Pollution Control of Guangdong Province
State Env. Protection Key Lab of Urban Environment & Ecology
Environmental Consultancy & Research Center
Environmental Engineering & Technologies Center
Environmental Monitoring & Analytical Center
Guangzhou Huake Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd

South China Institute of Environmental Science (SCIES), Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP)

Add:No.7 West Street, Yuancun, Guangzhou, P. R. China